• Easy Guide to Sewing French Seams

    In this easy guide to sewing French seams, I will show you how to hide raw fabric edges when sewing. French seams are the perfect solution for home sewers who don’t own an overlocker!

  • Shopping for Batik Fabric in Singapore

    I am obsessed with batik fabric. The vivid colours, swirling dots and flower motifs remind me of tropical beaches. If I were ever to leave Singapore, my growing wardrobe of batik fashions will always take me back to the wonderful years I spent living and travelling South East Asia.

  • Easy, Stylish & Comfy Maternity Jumpsuit

    By the time you reach your third trimester and feel ready to pop, wearing anything tight-fitting becomes a chore. But being pregnant is no excuse to look daggy! I whipped up this maternity jumpsuit using funky bright textiles in under two hours. The design consists of only two rectangles of fabric sewn together and can be worn over a t-shirt…

  • Greek Goddess Dress Pattern

    I was inspired by my holiday memories of Athens when I created this Greek Goddess dress pattern. I travelled to Athens in 2009 and explored the ancient ruins and beaches with nothing more than the clothes on my back and a pair of sandals! This dress is just as easy and carefree. It is designed for comfort, with no buttons…

  • Easy-to-Make Face Mask for Hot Weather

    If you live in a hot and humid climate (like me!) then you know how stifling it is to wear a face mask. This face mask for hot weather is based on the Singapore government-issued face mask. It has a single dart for shaping around the nose. The mask efficiently covers just the nose and mouth – no more, no…

  • Four-Piece Face Mask Pattern with Crisp Finish

    My favourite face mask pattern is the four-piece face mask with a curved centre-seam. There are many variations of the design out there. I especially drafted my own version of the pattern to ensure a crisp finish, plenty of space around the nose area, and close fit to the chin. View Post