There is something especially rewarding about making your own things. Today we live in the age of ready-made. You can buy almost anything at a click of the button. But such convenience is not a good thing. We all end up looking the same and, what is worse, we are losing our creativity and handicraft skills in the process.

Chiffon Jam

A love of sewing rekindled

I first learned to sew many years ago. However, life took over and my sewing machine ended up in a corner collecting dust. That was until the coronavirus broke out! With strict stay-at-home rules in place, it was a perfect opportunity to get back in touch with my former creative self.

I started by making simple face masks. Then I branched out into sewing Simplicity patterns. But I couldn’t find many styles that I liked. So I cracked open my old Designing Patterns: A Fresh Approach to Pattern Cutting book and tried to adapt the pattern-making techniques digitally.

Chiffon Jam

Fast forward a few months and now I am obsessed. When I am not working, or studying, I am busy designing new patterns and sewing my latest designs.

What is Chiffon Jam?

Chiffon Jam is me sharing my passion for fashion with the world. Sewing and pattern making are dying arts. Many people lack the confidence to sew or think it is too expensive. That is not true!

I am no expert by any means. It all comes down to practice and accuracy. On my website, you will find lots of sewing tutorials as well as my personal patterns for download, plus fun blogs and shopping tips.

Sewing doesn’t need to cost you the earth. I own a really crap sewing machine that is over eight-years-old. I am constantly correcting the tension and the spool is always falling off and causing my thread to become tangled. I don’t own an overlocker either. But I find lots of creative ways to clean up my garment edges. And, I am also not afraid to dig around the bargain bins of Singapore for cheap fabric!

The best thing about sewing your own clothing is the ability to create something totally unique that nobody else has. Even if you are using a commercial pattern, you are at liberty to pick out your own fabric and use colourful thread, ribbon, buttons, and other accessories to personalise the look.

The girl behind the sewing machine

Oh, how rude of me not to introduce myself. My name is Sara and I live in Singapore.

Chiffon Jam

As I said earlier, we live in the age of ready-made. Technological advancements are happening so quickly. It saddens me to observe people glued to their devices, obsessed with social media and forgetting old skills. Once upon a time, everyone would learn how to cook, sew, write, paint, and draw. These days, I don’t know too many people who indulge in such arts. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m an old fashioned girl.

I love creative expression in any form. In addition to sewing and pattern making, I also try to dabble in writing, blogging (check out my Bossy Flossie site), and graphic design.

Welcome to my world of Chiffon Jam!
Love Sara