Four-Piece Face Mask Pattern with Crisp Finish

My favourite face mask pattern is the four-piece face mask with a curved centre-seam. There are many variations of the design out there. I especially drafted my own version of the pattern to ensure a crisp finish, plenty of space around the nose area, and close fit to the chin.

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You can actually breathe when wearing this face mask. Plus, it doesn’t smudge your make-up! The pattern works best when made with cotton fabric and topstitched.


  • Cotton or lightweight fabric that is washable and breathable
  • Thread the same colour as your material, or use a contrasting colour for extra flair
  • 36cm or 14 inches of elastic (cut in half). You can also re-use elastic bands from disposable face masks
  • Decorative ribbon (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Four-Piece Face Mask Pattern

If you are printing the pattern on a home or office printer, set the print scale to 100% in settings. Do not select “scale to fit” as this will warp the design. Likewise, if you are taking your file to a print shop let them know you want it printed at 100% scale.

Check that your pattern printed correctly by comparing the cm and inch scales at the top of the page to a ruler or tape measure.

Alternatively, you can trace the pattern onto tissue paper directly from your laptop or computer screen.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Watch the video tutorial or keep scrolling for written instructions.

Cut the fabric

Cut two of each pattern piece in your fabric. The larger pattern piece is the outer mask i.e. the part that everyone will see. The smaller pattern piece is the inset. You can use a plain white or black material for the inset if you prefer.

Sew the centre seams

With right sides of the fabric facing together and the wrong sides facing outwards, sew the curved centre seam on both pairs. Use a .6cm or 1/4 inch seam allowance.

face mask pattern

Grade both curved seams by cutting slits along the curve. This ensures the fabric sits nicely. Be careful not to accidentally cut through the thread!

face mask pattern

Turn both fabric pairs out so the right side of the fabric is now facing outwards. Use an iron to flatten the curved seam inside to one side then topstitch. Do this by stitching along each side of the centre seam around 2mm or 1/8 inch. Watch the video for details. Don’t skip this step as topstitching is what helps to create a nice crisp finish!

Sew the top and bottom seams

Pocket the inset into the outer layer of the mask with right sides of the fabric facing together and wrong sides facing outwards. Pin along the top and bottom edges and sew. Use a .6cm or 1/4 seam allowance.

face mask pattern

Turn out the mask so the right side of the fabric is now showing. Iron the mask thoroughly – ironing every edge, corner, inside and outside. The mask should now be taking shape.

Fold the excess material on the outer layer towards the inside twice and iron flat. This is to create a nice finish on the edges from which we will insert our ear flaps next.

Sew ear bands and topstitch

The two pieces of elastic for the ear bands should measure around 18cm or 7 inches each. Slot the tops of the elastic into the edges of the face mask.

face mask pattern

Topstitch all around the face mask, 2mm or 1/8 inch from the finished edge, ensuring to catch and stitch in the ear bands.

Add decorative ribbon (optional)

Add a strip of colourful ribbon parallel to the edges of your face mask and sew using a zigzag stitch. You can also use bias binding, buttons or bows to spruce up your mask.

face mask pattern

If you skip this step, sew one line of plain stitching around 1cm or 3/4 inch from the edges to hold the folded material in place.

And that’s it! Your four-piece face mask pattern with crisp finish is now ready to wear. This is a great design for going out as it is super roomy and doesn’t smudge your make-up.

face mask pattern

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