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Easy, Stylish & Comfy Maternity Jumpsuit

By the time you reach your third trimester and feel ready to pop, wearing anything tight-fitting becomes a chore. But being pregnant is no excuse to look daggy! I whipped up this maternity jumpsuit using funky bright textiles in under two hours. The design consists of only two rectangles of fabric sewn together and can be worn over a t-shirt or sports bra. I will show you just how easy it is to make a maternity jumpsuit in this tutorial.


  • 3.6 metres (4 yards) of bamboo, cotton, georgette, hemp, or linen fabric for the jumpsuit
  • .75 metres (.8 yards) of colour-contrasting non-stretch fabric for the the straps
  • 2 metres of bias binding
  • Thread

General Notes

  • Seam allowance is 1.6cm or 5/8 inch unless stated otherwise
  • I use the turn-and-stitch method to tidy raw fabric methods as I do not own an overlocker
  • Read more about how to prepare your fabric before cutting

Step-by-Step Instructions

Watch the video tutorial or keep scrolling for written instructions.

Iron and Cut Fabric

First, iron your maternity jumpsuit fabric so it is easier to handle. Then cut two rectangles of the fabric using the dimensions 180cm by 87cm (70.9 by 34.2 inches).

Mark an even 20cm (7.9 inches) on a corner of each rectangle piece and clip it away. This is to create a low backline. You should then have two pieces of fabric per the dimensions in the diagram below.

maternity jumpsuit

Prepare Raw Fabric Edges

Because I do not own an overlocker, I prepare the raw edges of my fabric before sewing the seams. I sew a zig-zag stitch along the shoulder edges (short sides of the rectangle), the centre front, and the back line. I leave the leg hem unfinished since I will turn that under as a final step.

The below diagram indicates which raw edges to stitch.

maternity jumpsuit

Turn these same edges under by .5cm or 1/4 inch, iron flat, and sew with a straight stitch. The fabric edges are now tidy and will not fray.

maternity jumpsuit

If you have an overlocker, you can skip these steps and overlock the edges instead.

Sew the Jumpsuit Seams

On each rectangle of fabric, mark with pins 20cm x 20cm (7.9 by 7.9 inches) on the corner opposite to the corner that was clipped earlier. This will serve as a guide when sewing the seams.

Stitch the two rectangles together along the centre seam, sewing from the start of the clipped edge up until the 20cm (7.9 inches) pin marked earlier. Then sew the shoulder seams i.e. SHOULDER SEAM 1 to SHOULDER SEAM 1 and SHOULDER SEAM 2 to SHOULDER SEAM 2, up until the 20cm (7.9 inch) mark.

The below diagram shows the seams to be sewn in bold black lines. The 20cm (7.9 inch) squared corners are highlighted in red line. These “flaps” will become the front neckline of the finished jumpsuit.

maternity jumpsuit

Once you have sewn the seams as outlined above, your jumpsuit should something like the diagrams below.

maternity jumpsuit
maternity jumpsuit

This photo shows the top of the garment, i.e. the neckline, on my ironing board after sewing the centre and shoulder seams.

maternity jumpsuit

Add Bias Binding around Neckline

The necklines for this maternity jumpsuit are the clipped corners of the original rectangle, i.e. the back neckline, and the 20cm (7.9 inches) squared flaps, i.e. the front neckline. As a design feature, I recommend sewing brightly coloured bias binding around the front and back necklines.

Pin the bias binding to the RIGHT side of the fabric first and stitch along the first fold line. Then fold the bias binding over the raw fabric edge and stitch closed.

It can get very fiddly around the sharp corners. While everyone has a different technique, I handle the corners by creating extra allowance in the bias binding and then folding the excess material. You should end up with a neckline resembling the below picture.

Finish this step by ironing your neckline flat.

Sew the Shoulder Straps

Cut two strips of fabric per the dimensions below for your shoulder straps. The straps are designed to be nice and chunky! You can cut them thinner if you prefer.

Fold the straps in half with the RIGHT sides facing together and iron.

Stitch along one short edge and the open long edge of each strap using a seam allowance of .6cm or 1/4 inch. Clip the excess fabric and turn the straps out so the RIGHT side of the fabric now faces outwards. Tuck the raw unfinished short edge in by .6cm or 1/4 inch and iron flat.

Pin the straps to the jumpsuit. Do this by trying on the jumpsuit and using a mirror. Secure the straps based on your own body type and what you think looks good. I recommend having the straps criss-cross at the back as this looks stylish. You can shorten the straps if you want the garment to sit higher.

Sew the straps to the jumpsuit while top-stitching around each strap.

Finish Leg Hem

The final step in this maternity jumpsuit tutorial is to finish the leg hem. Do this by folding the raw edge twice under and stitching. If you want to create a more bohemian look then you can fold the raw edge over so the WRONG side of the material is showing as a contrasting border along the hem.

And that is it! In two hours you have your very own, stylish yet comfortable maternity jumpsuit.

maternity jumpsuit

Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on how to create a stylish regular jumpsuit using a similar method!

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